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Phantom Army
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Phantom Army Description

Grab a gun and head on over to the battlefield to defeat your enemies! Don’t get fooled by this shooter’s cartoony graphics because you will face a battle over life and death.


Looks can be quite deceiving, as you might know. The free-to-play shooter Phantom Army is a testament of this. While the third-person action shooter might look harmless and fun with its cartoony graphics, you shouldn’t expect a cute children’s game. In this comic world, you will experience heated battles between two opposing factions that are trying to defeat one another. Nothing about these battles is innocent. Other free-to-play shooters like Battlefield Heroes (Electronic Arts) or Team Fortress 2 (Valve) have proven that it is possible to create a serious and mature game with fun graphics. In Phantom Army you will not shoot with flowers, but you will grab actual weapons to eliminate your enemies. It is up to you to quickly learn how to use your guns effectively to skillfully defeat the opposing faction.

As in most other third-person action shooters, your success will strongly depend on how skillfully you can use your guns. Very often your character will gain experience and level up, adding new powers and actions to his repertoire, making him all the more deadly on the battlefield. Before you can delve into the action, however, and prove your abilities, you will need to choose the faction that you can best identify with. Then you can select a character and begin to fight for your cause!

While there is not much information on this upcoming online game yet, we can assume that the game will neither feature huge robots and laser weapons as you would find in science fiction shooters, nor special super human skills and powers as in fantasy inspired action games. Instead, the game’s more simple and nitty-gritty realistic direction will be nicely mirrored by its cartoony look.

It will only take a while longer before Zombie Studios (Blacklight Retribution) and SmileGate will release more information on Phantom Army. We can only assume that its closed beta will start relatively soon.

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