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Petz World
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Petz World Description

An exciting world of adventure awaits you and your pet. Embark on a journey with cute animals to unique parts of the world in this fun pet simulation browser game.


Petz World is a free-to-play simulation browser game designed for people of all ages. Choose one of 24 adorable pets and begin your exploration of all corners of the world. From the impressive pyramids of Egypt to the low-lying plains of the Savannah, you encounter all kinds of new and exotic locations. In the browser game Petz World you and your pet can climb the snow-covered peaks of towering mountain ranges, or head to the lush tropical climate of the beach to unwind.

There are 24 charming pets you can choose to keep in the animal simulation game Petz World. These include cute kittens and playful puppies, waddling penguins and sleepy pandas, roaring tigers and energetic polar bears, leaping leopards and more! Not only are there a large variety of animals to choose from in the fun simulation game Petz World, but each animal has several breeds, giving you limitless choice. Each new country you visit will unlock a special animal exclusive to that country. Aim to collect them all as you explore the colorful and exciting Petz World!

It is very important to take care of all of your pets, by keeping them clean and feeding them delicious dishes. This will ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Each of your cute and fluffy animals must be given a hand-picked name, ensuring they stand out in the vast world. In Petz World you are even able to dress your animals in a selection of eye-catching pet clothing! Choose from striped jerseys, cute sneakers and little t-shirts to give your pets character and flair.

by Kyle Hayth

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