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Pet Forest
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Pet Forest Description

The land grows tired of constant battles and warfare... Now, four heroes must heed the call and bring about change to the lands, but not before someone tries to stop them...


Pet Forest is a free-to-play MMORPG which puts you right in the middle of a struggle for peace. After a long period of war and turmoil, you must become the hero everyone needs and bring peace to the land. However, other forces are at works which wish to stop you from achieving your goal.

There are four different playable classes in Pet Forest. The Warrior is a brave fighter who focuses on physical training. The Mage tames the elemental powers and uses his mind to control the forces around him. The Priest is the healer of the classes and calls upon divine powers to revive fallen allies. The Ranger is a master of accurate, fast attacks. Each class has their own unique skills and abilities and it is up to you to master them.

Pet Forest features an extensive pet system which allows you to always have a companion at your side. As you embark upon adventures and encounter challenges throughout the world, your companion will grow with you. This means you always have an ally in combat – even if they are cute and cuddly!

In addition to completing tasks and fighting monsters, you can craft items and equipment in Pet Forest. Crafting these things can be very rewarding as some of them can seriously boost your stats. In a world full of danger and mystery, having a little extra boost is always helpful.

Experience a fantasy world in which you are the hero with the free-to-play MMORPG, Pet Forest. Master one of four classes and raise a powerful companion to fight alongside you as you complete quests and try to restore peace to the land!

by Kyle Hayth

Pet Forest Screenshots

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