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Perfect Goal
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Perfect Goal Description

Become the most successful top manager in soccer history. Play with your team in all leagues and become the German champion. You play together with thousands of other users...


Gerd Müller is one of the most successful strikers of the German soccer history. In Gerd Müller’s Perfect Goal game, you will be a club manager in Germany.

The first thing you need to do is to set up your team. You give your team a name, jerseys and a logo. Your players need a name, a face and a playing location. You should customize the subsequent training to each player’s selected playing location.

In the web game Perfect Goal there is, of course, a stadium available for you and your team. Your basic stadium already has 10,000 standing places. So you only need to determine the ticket prices, and then your club can start to make money.

As a manager of the club many options are open to you. From your manager’s office in Perfect Goal, you have access to administration, players development and the team.

Extremely important for your team is, of course, the training. The choice of the right coach is vital. There will never be the perfect trainer for your players. Therefore, you always have to think about which coach is good for them at that time, or whether or not you earn enough money to hire several coaches.

If you consider your team in the browser game Perfect Goal good enough, you can briefly check on the schedule to see what games are pending. Also, you should have a look at the provided, more specific information such as the weather.

Before your team can take to the playing field, you need to line-up the players, select the right clothing and think of a strategy.
Gerd Müller’s Perfect Goal is an exciting soccer manager web game in which you can manage your own team in a quite realistic way.

by Kyle Hayth

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