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Perfect World International
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Perfect World International Description

Enter a perfect world where three races live together in a sometimes harmonious, but often conflicting state. However, for these three species everything is about to change...


Perfect World International is a free to play client game set in a fantasy world created by the mysterious Pan Gu god. The perfect world was forged by Pan Gu after the first race he created became evil and corrupt. After seemingly destroying the corrupt race by cleansing the land with floods, he created the Human race, the Untamed race and the Winged Elves to live harmoniously on the beautiful sky island of Heaven's Tear.

Despite conflict between the Humans and Winged Elves to gain control over Heaven's Tear, they have lived in peace – until now. The corrupt race - the wraiths - were not fully destroyed when Pan Gu cleansed the land, and they are now seeking revenge with even more force than before. The inhabitants of the perfect world must now put aside their differences and take on the wraiths in unity.

In Perfect World International, you take part in momentous PvP fights and duels against other players, testing your combative skills, or even slaying your opponents. Your skills are ultimately tested in the PvE fights against terrifying monsters, powerful bosses and through brutal raids.

Characters are divided into three races, and six classes in Perfect World International. Choose between the agile Archer and graceful Cleric of the Winged Elves, the fierce Barbarians and seductive Venomancers of the Untamed race, and the gallant Blademaster and magical Wizard of the Human race. Use one of the arrays of powerful ultimate weapons in Perfect World International – such as the almighty Abyssal Tides, Brothers of Fear and Flowing Stardust.

Form an alliance with a guild and partake in epic Guild vs Guild fights to improve your skills. Obtain your very own magical genie pet, as well as a mount to roam the mystical realms of the perfect world. Perfect World International is a thrilling 3D fantasy MMORPG with high quality graphics and innovative character creation.

Enter the perfect world and defend your race with grace, power and skill against the catastrophic and merciless wraiths.

by Kyle Hayth

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