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Peggle Blast
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Peggle Blast Description

With the help of your unicorn friend, you will destroy the peggles and reach the highest scores. From the creators of Plants vs. Zombies comes this new and colorful puzzle quiz to iOS and Android mobile devices. Shoot projectiles to complete all levels!


Updates for Plants vs. Zombies 2 are few and far between - at least if you compare the title to some other fun mobile games such as Frozen Free Fall. If you are craving another quirky character from the minds of the team behind Crazy Dave and his time machine antics, you should take a closer look at Electronic Arts’ and PopCap’s colorful puzzle game called Peggle Blast. Meet Bjorn, the silly and good-natured unicorn who will take you on a journey through peggle-tastic levels. In this puzzle app, he is one of the magical peggle masters who will share his power called Super Guide with you. On your journey, you will also meet other mystical masters such as Jimmy Lightning whose multiball will help you reach those crazy high scores.

Your goal in Peggle Blast is to destroy as many peggles as you possibly can. Peggles are little colorful stones that are scattered across the screen. Some of them look more like building blocks, others are just little bubbles. From the top of each level, you will shoot projectiles that will bounce from one peggle to the next. Calculate your every move to complete the specific task that you were given before each stage. Once one of the peggles was hit by your projectile, it will disappear. This will constantly change each level with every move you make.

The goals in each level vary making this app exciting and eclectic. Sometimes, you will have to break Phoenix eggs in order to hatch the burning birds. Other times, you will have to destroy all peggles of a certain color. Give it your all in order to collect extra power-ups that will give you the extra push you need when times get rough.

Peggle Blast is a fun game with a quirky and colorful design whose cartoon characters will put a smile on your face. The mobile game is available for all iOS and Android devices. Download it for free in your Google Play Store or on iTunes.

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