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Pearl's Peril
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Pearl's Peril Description

Do you love a good story? Are you good at solving mysteries? Well, jump right into this fascinating hidden objects game that will take you through the gripping tale of Pearl Wallace, an explorer who has inherited a mysterious island….


Engage in a romantic plot set in the sordid 1930s. Pearl is an explorer who travels the world when one day she is stopped in her tracks by the sudden death of her father. Consequently, she inherits an island full of mystery and takes it upon herself to find out the reason behind this tragic death. In doing so, she finds more than she bargains for and starts to unveil a secret that involves much more people than just her and her father. Uncover a global conspiracy and get wrapped up into solving the clues that are laden throughout this free-to-play hidden objects game.

The dialog in this mobile game was written by the best-selling author and award winning games writer Steven-Elliot Altman, who also wrote the hit game 9Dragons. The dialog is funny, mysterious, and exciting. Uncover the mysteries surrounding an enchanted island, whilst going through the chapters of a tragic story about loss, deceit, and courage. Your task is to find the clues that are incorporated into a hidden objects game to uncover the secrets associated with Pearl Wallace’s family.

The characters in this addictive app are also shrouded in mystery. You take on the role of Pearl Wallace who is accompanied by her humorous sarcastic best friend, Iris Hillman. Iris will guide you in your next task, which is to rebuild the island and earn the respect of the locals. at the end of each stage you will get the opportunity to develop the island and talk to some of the characters, all with the hope of finding out what happened to Pearl’s Father.

This online game will take you through the chapters of a story. Each scene is illustrated with vintage computer graphics that make finding the hidden object more interesting whilst adding to the 1930s theme. If you are unable to find an item, you can use hints which will guide you to their whereabouts, but if you are a true detective then you wont need the hints at all!

Pearl's Peril is available for iOS and Facebook.

Pearl's Peril Screenshots

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