Path of Exile: Saving Lives - One Potion at a Time

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile

When it comes to surviving in Path of Exile, so-called flasks are your best friends. Each character can fill up to five slots with magical liquids - always depending on the task at hand. Pressing 1 through 5 on your keyboard will activate the potions, immediately giving you a special bonus.

The way that flasks recharge is unique to all onlinegames of this genre: Every time you use a remedy, you basically take a sip instead of emptying out the entire bottle. This means that you can use healing or mana potions more than once before they need to be recharged. Once the glass phial is empty, you will have to visit town or land killing blows on enemy monsters. That's why we recommend saving some of the adds when fighting boss creatures, as you will need easy prey to fill up your potions. Currently, there are 10 different kinds of flasks available:
Life Flaskhealth points
Mana Flaskmana points
Hybrid Flaskhealth and mana points
Ruby Flaskfire resistance
Topaz Flasklightning resistance
Sapphire Flaskcold resistance
Amethyst Flaskchaos resistance
Quicksilver Flaskmovement speed
Granite Flaskarmor class
Diamond Flaskcritical hits
Source: Game client (May 2013)
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