Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds Expansion Is Live

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile

A few weeks ago, we here at reported on Grinding Gear Games’ announcement of a new expansion for their free-to-play hack and slay game Path of Exile. Last week, the add-on finally came out, bringing lots of new challenges and exciting items to the online game. It should be mentioned that Atlas of Worlds is only really interesting for high-level players, as it focuses on anyone who is looking for new endgame challenges. The Atlas is a map featuring lots of levels. Players begin in one corner of the map and gradually work their way towards the middle, one step at a time. The journey through the Atlas makes players hack and slash their way through some well-known and some new areas. The number of endgame levels increases by a whopping 50% with the Atlas of Worlds expansion.

Players aren’t quite done yet when they reach the middle of the new map. The final challenge features an intense fight against a massive end boss. Atlas of Worlds brings 19 different bosses to Path of Exile, each of which drops very unique and powerful loot upon its defeat. When players finish one Atlas, they move on to the next.

The expansion also brings a new league to Path of Exile. In the Essence Challenge League, players will go up against enemies that are trapped by mysterious essences. They not only have to free the monsters from their trap, but also defeat them to collect the essence. Essences come in 25 different types which can be used to craft items. Combining three identical essences will upgrade them to their next power level.

The one thing that the entire Path of Exile community can enjoy in the Atlas of Worlds update is the technical improvements in the online game. The game’s performance should significantly improve for all players with four hardware cores. It will remain the same for anyone with single core hardware.

Source: Official game homepage

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