Path of Exile: Big Expansion “Atlas of Worlds” Coming in September

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Players of the free-to-play hack and slash Path of Exile have reason to get excited. The developers over at Grinding Gear Games announced that they were going to release an expansive expansion on September 2nd. “Atlas of Worlds” is adding a lot of exciting new content for more advanced players in particular. The aforementioned “Atlas” is a massive assortment of endgame maps. Players start in one corner and work their way through the various levels. In the middle of the Atlas, the Path of Exile community will face one of multiple new end bosses. The content update brings 19 challenging, new end bosses to the RPG.

As if that wasn’t enough, the add-on also adds 30 new maps to Path of Exile. This makes it the biggest update for the online game yet, at least in terms of newly added areas. The number of endgame maps is being increased by 50 percent. Of course, the levels also bring a plethora of new and unique items to Path of Exile. A big number of the objects were designed by members of the community.

The add-on also has a lot to offer in terms of technical improvements. While there might not be any graphical advancements, the online game’s performance is significantly improved. The developers are taking full advantage of modern CPUs resulting in up to double the frame rate during intense fights.

With the release of “Atlas of Worlds”, a brand new league is coming to Path of Exile. In the “Essence Challenge League”, players will face groups of monsters that are trapped by an ancient force. By freeing and defeating them, players will steal their essence which can be used to create powerful items. There will be more than seven different power levels for essences.

Source: Official game homepage

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