Path of Exile: Winterheart Race Season Begins Soon

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New Race Season in Path of Exile

The free-to-play action game Path of Exile is about to embark on another Winterheart Race Season, which starts on January 29th. The race gives players one of the hardest challenges in the game.

The race events in Path of Exile are always popular, as it challenges players to some seriously difficult content, at a much faster speed than they are used to. This time around, the signature Winterheart race is the main event, which features a 45% movement speed boost when on chilled areas, and a whole load of new content. One of the main incentives to take part in the race is the abundance of strongboxes packed full of loot

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Winterheart Race Season

This new race season is packed full of features for Path of Exile fans to enjoy. On top of the standard Winterheart race, there are a number of new features such as 24-hour boss kill race like in previous seasons, and also races that are available in the other acts:

  • 24-hour boss race: In the Bloodthirst Season this feature was immensely popular, so it is making a return in the latest race season. Players will face massive challenges as the difficult is extremely hard.
  • Races in Act 2 and Act 3: The races in the second two acts are slightly different, as they use pre-made characters, so that every player in on the same level playing field.

For those that haven’t heard of Path of Exile, it’s a free-to-play dungeon crawling game, where players start out on an adventure and have to developer their characters as they go along. The game can be downloaded for free by clicking the button below.

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