Path of Exile: Loads of Content in the 2.1.0 Update

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Path of Exile Update 2.1.0 Update

The free-to-play hack and slash game Path of Exile is getting yet another big update. This time MMO fans will be getting loads of new content including new skills, game changes, talismans and more.

Back in July Path of Exile received a new expansion titled The Awakening, which introduced a lot of new features and content. Grinding Gear Games has just announced that the latest 2.1.0 patch will include plenty more changes for players of the game to get their teeth into, and will be released on the 11th of December. The new update includes the Talisman Challenge League, a new boss, and new skills for adventurers. All of the new Path of Exile goodies can be found in the teaser video below.

The Talisman Challenge Leagues

These new leagues are designed to let players have a fresh start and demonstrate their skills in Path of Exile. There will be both standard and hardcore versions of the Talisman Leagues, so players of all skill and gear levels will be able to get involved. One of the main goals of playing in one of the new Challenge Leagues is to get one of the new Talismans. These Talismans are rare items that cannot be crafted, and they each possess a set of powerful stats. They are not so simple to find, however, as they are normally guarded by extremely dangerous monsters.

Path of Exile

Whenever a player completes a group of 8 of the 32 challenges, they will get a piece of Thane Ringwald’s armor, which is only attainable through the challenge system. Thane Ringwalk, The Wolven King can also be fought in the Talisman Challenge League yielding a substantial haul of loot, but is also a very formidable enemy.

Path of Exile Update

Path of Exile Update

New Skills

Anyone that plays Path of Exile is going to be getting some new skills to play with. There are new physical and chaos damage spells, along with new skills for bow users. The physical damage spells include things to deal massive damage in an area, the chaos spells include more damage-over-time effects, and the bow skills include more close-range damage options.

All of these new changes are coming in December, and the Talisman Challenge Leagues will start at the same time. This means that all of the new content will be available to play on the 11th of December. For those that want a head start, click the button below to head over to the homepage and download the game for free.

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