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Pastry Paradise
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Pastry Paradise Description

Use fresh ingredients and tasty treats to defeat the evil Mr. Moelleux and his feisty minions in this mobile app that's not only colorful and casual, but also invites players to join forces and work together. Collect points and play through sweet stages!


Every game needs a villain that players can go up against in intense battles. Sometimes, it’s monsters. Other times, it’s scheming bad guys that hunger for power. In Pastry Paradise, a casual mobile game that’s otherwise very cheery and colorful, none other than Mister Moelleux is wreaking havoc and spoiling the fun for everyone. It’s up to you to lend a helping hand and assist chef Hannah on her sweet journey through the many stages of this free-to-play app. Pastry Paradise will challenge your strategic Match-3 puzzle skills. Here, you will have to connect three or more tasty ingredients to clear the board and reach a new highscore that will make friends and other players green with envy.

Pastry Paradise is not your typical cooking game. Instead of mixing different ingredients and directly serving hungry customers like in Cooking Fever or Diner Dash, newbies and veteran players alike will have to put on their thinking cap and complete all objectives within a given amount of moves. Some levels will also put you under a time constraint and force you to quickly make decisions. Additional challenges can be found through daily and monthly challenges. Think you have what it takes to unlock new achievements and conquer all events? Then prove it to the culinary online world!

If you find yourself stuck in a particularly tough level, don’t worry too much! Power-ups will always be made available to you in Pastry Paradise. These will help you out in times of trouble and get rid of pesky objects that are blocking your way. Whether it be donuts or bars of chocolate: Achieve big combos to increase your score and unlock powerful boosts in this casual mobile game to slow down time or clear entire rows of delicious ingredients. Hannah will thank you!

Feel free to reach out to friends, family members and other players while playing on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone or tablet, as Pastry Paradise is also a social app that allows you to send out helpful gifts to those who need it the most. Having like-minded players come to your rescue will also make it easier for you to access new maps.

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