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Parsec Description

Defend your own space station in a universe where there are no longer any habitable planets. Fighting, strategic thinking – this game will stretch you to the limit...


In Parsec you find yourself in the year 8532. The Great War of the galaxies is long over. Now there is complete anarchy because there is no government or police force able to maintain order. On these uninhabitable planets contaminated by radiation, only the strongest ones prevail.

Only those with a spaceship have a chance to survive in Parsec. Just the few space stations that were built on the planets are able to gain profits through lively trade in raw materials. The challenge is to maintain these space stations. Building new ones is not an option. Therefore, the existing ones are hard-fought.

As a lone fighter, you have a hard time surviving in this game of power and wealth. Those who join forces to establish powerful alliances have the biggest chances to succeed in Parsec. Each of these alliances is fighting to take over control of the space stations.

Your enemies in Parsec are the pirates who are trying to plunder the resources and destroy the space stations by every means available. Your task is, of course, to keep the bad guys at bay.

Even if the future seems uncertain, and it looks as though there is no chance to make the planet habitable again, everyone keeps working toward that dream. So don't give up and take control over your own Parsec space station. With great skill and courage you have a real chance of succeeding in the struggle for power and wealth.

by Kyle Hayth

Parsec Screenshots

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