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What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online with Your Friends
  • Fast-Paced MOBA with TCG Elements
  • Third-Person Battles
  • Loads of Unique Heroes
  • Use Tactics and Strategy to Win
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  • Online Games
  • Shooter
  • Third-Person Shooter
  • Action
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Play Paragon and Become a Hero

Slip into the role of a trigger-happy gunman, a futuristic soldier, or even a skillful archer in the MOBA Paragon.


Paragon is a fast-paced MOBA from Epic Games, which drops you into the action in a full 3D hi-resolution world. Choose from a wide range of characters to build the perfect team to overcome the enemy. Paragon blends together action-packed third-person fights with strategic and tactical gameplay to make one of the most fun MOBAs yet.

Third-Person Action

Normally when you play a MOBA, you play from a top down perspective like in League of Legends, but Paragon shoves you into the action in a third-person view. This makes the gameplay more immersive and dynamic, as you control your character in a fashion more like a shooter than a MOBA. The heroes available offer a huge amount of different styles of play; it doesn’t matter if you want to be in the face of your enemy, or stay back dealing damage, as there’s a character for each and every playstyle. There are heroes with guns, magic, thick armor and awesome weaponry, so there’s never a dull moment on the battlefield of Paragon.


Despite the fact that Paragon takes place in a classic MOBA battlefield, there are a number of changes that make it unique. The free-to-play game includes some trading-card game elements, as you collect cards throughout the battle that make your hero even more powerful than before. There are loads of different cards to choose from, and each have their own tactical advantages for different situations. Anyone familiar with MOBAs will feel right at home on the battlefield of Paragon; there are three lanes leading to each team’s base with multi-levelled terrain throughout the map to let you spring traps on your enemies.

If Paragon seems like your kind of thing, click the button below and head over to the official website to learn more and sign up for the beta. Paragon will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Paragon Screenshots

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