Game of the Day: Paradise Bay

09/23/2015 04:18 am by Benjamin Robson in Game of the DayMobile GamesApps

Paradise Bay - Game of the Day

We thought that we would do something a little different for this Game of the Day. We haven’t featured a mobile building kind of game for a while, and we feel that Paradise Bay is definitely worthy of a spot with some of the other games that have featured on the Game of the Day list.

For those that haven’t come across Paradise Bay before, it is an adorable little building game, where you are in charge of the running of an island. The sun is always shining in Paradise Bay, and the colorful art style and fun game mechanics make it a great way to relax while playing.

No Massive Paywalls

With a lot of games in this genre, we have often found that we hit a paywall after just a short period of playing, and it feels like progress is far too slow without paying for premium currency or resources. Paradise bay seems to treat players a little differently; while there are plenty of opportunities to spend money, it’s not completely necessary if you’re careful with your resources. If you want a few tips on how to make the most of the resources given to you head over to the tips page and see what you think.

Paradise Bay Download

Paradise Bay Download

Another aspect that solidifies Paradise Bay’s place on the list is due to the gameplay that you get involved in. you are the main trader on the island, and you have to balance trading items to make currency, keeping dwellers happy by giving them the items they need, and prioritizing certain resources over other to progress. There are various ways to trade for resources, and they are constantly changing so it never feels like you’re grinding your leisure time away. One example of this is the different trade ships that pass by the island regularly. The ships all offer different goods, and it’s up to you to decide which items and resources are the most important at the time.

Overall, we enjoy the game and would recommend it to people. It’s not supposed to be a completely serious game, but a little bit of fun that casual gamers can enjoy. Click the button below and head over to the website to see what you think.

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