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Panzer General Online
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Panzer General Online Description

Prepare yourself for action-packed fights and tactical warfare. Do you have what it takes to successfully lead an army through battle? If so, other players will soon shiver upon hearing your name…


Based on the Panzer General franchise, this browser game published by Ubisoft gives you a new reason to get back on the battlefield and join the fight. Panzer General Online does not require a download and can be played as soon as you sign up an account. On top of all that, it is free-to-play. Before you get to vanquish your opponent and put your enemies to shame, you will have to slip into the role of a general. Only then can you start collecting cards and build an army from the ground up. Even though raw manpower is always essential, the right tactic will guarantee your victory.

Panzer General Online is a browser game that not only features strategic combat, but also introduces trading cards to the franchise. In order to rule the virtual world, you will have to collect different units. From foot soldiers to massive tanks: Each card has its own perks, and it is up to you to use them wisely. Don't worry if you haven't played any of the previous games, as the gameplay is aimed at newbie players and experienced genre fans alike, giving everyone the chance to rise to the top.

Competing quests and playing through missions rewards you with cards that you can either use for yourself or sell to others. If you are looking to buy a certain unit, you should check out the marketplace. Before you head into online battles, you should try playing alone first. When you feel like your troops are ready for duty, feel free to hit the multiplayer battlefield and challenge other players to a duel. Choose between three games modes: skirmish, survival or rank battles.

The overall combat system is turn-based, which grants you enough time to think about your actions before giving out final orders. As you play through Panzer General Online, your character will gain experience points. These can be used to unlock skill points and specialize yourself in certain abilities.

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