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What to expect:
  • Relaunch of the famous Panfu game !
  • Chat with other players
  • Play games and learn together
  • Explore the panfu Island
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvE
  • Topic
  • Kids
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Panfu will be live again on the 18th of March

A virtual panda world for young players – here children can play, chat, improve their English and meet virtual friends. A safe place for kids on the internet...


Panfu is a virtual world for kids where you have the opportunity to improve your English and chat with your Panfu friends. At the beginning of the game, you create your own Panda. With him or her you'll explore the fun world of the browser game and play through various adventures, step by step.

Your Panfu character lives in a tree house just like all of your panda friends. You fill your tree house with all sorts of objects. And, of course, you dress your Panda exactly the way you want. In the shop there is a lot to choose from: different hairstyles, clothes, accessories and even sports apparel! This simulation game offers the right outfit for every occasion, whether you're planning to soak up the sun while skateboarding or have dinner plans with friends, opting to go to a fancy restaurant or movie premiere.

Coins are used as the in-game currency. You earn coins by helping other pandas solve problems or successfully completing your own tasks and games. The chat in Panfu is designed specifically for children aged six and older. Chat with your Panfu friends there. You can work together to solve tricky tasks and earn plenty of coins. You'll never be alone while playing the free online game, and if you're looking to make new friends, there's always someone around that will be eager to lend a helping hand. Just because you slip into the role of a cutesy and beady-eyed panda doesn't mean you can't have a furry companion yourself! Here, you have the chance of adopting a fun little pet that will follow you around or guard your tree house as you're out on the town.

Entering the world of Panfu is free. There is nothing to install on your computer. All you need is a browser and, of course, an internet connection, to get started and explore a world full of adventure, surprises and fun activities.

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