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Pandora Saga
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Pandora Saga Description

Join one of three races and strive to unlock the mysteries surrounding the missing Pandora artifact. Overthrow your opponents in your bid to restore peace and order to the great empire...


Pandora Saga takes players into a world where three warring nations struggle against each other to find the precious Pandora artifact. With unique realm vs realm combat and a 3D medieval Europe setting, the MMORPG is full of action and adventure.

There are five initial races to choose from in client game Pandora Saga, including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Myrines, Enkidu, and Lapins. The Humans are a proud and noble race, though often lacking patience and tolerance due to years of hardship because of the war. They are resilient and versatile in a variety of skills, making them a well-rounded character class. Humans have a strong political presence and are one of the largest races in Pandora Saga.

Humans have three featuring racial abilities, one of which you must select when starting the game. They include fighting spirit, adaptability and apothecary. Fighting spirit entails a mastery of one-handed weaponry, and a strong knack for the frontline. Adaptability describes the versatility and endurance humans have in relation to their surroundings. Apothecary describes wisdom of the mixing of herbs and creating healing potions. Choose your racial ability and dive into the great empire.

There are three great nations at war in Pandora Saga – The Kingdom of St Pfelstein, the Empire of Latuga and the Confederation of Varik. The leaders of these nations are all on a desperate search to find the missing Pandora artifact used by the ancient King. An evil Shaman named Brahm has made an evil pact with the devil, and joins the hunt for the artifact. Stop evil from rising to power and strive to protect the great empire in client game Pandora Saga.

by Kyle Hayth

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