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Panda Pop
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Panda Pop Description

Prepare for a game of skill and strategy as you rescue cute baby pandas from their bubble traps in this fun online match-3 game. Do you have what it takes to save those poor little bears?


An evil baboon has stolen all of mamma panda's pups and trapped them inside bubbles among the stages in this free-to-play online game. Mamma's face is full of worry as she launches bubbles into the sky to try and free her precious pups. See them parachute to safety and jump for joy as you save them from the grips of the nasty conniving monkey.

Panda Pop is a casual puzzle game, similar to Candy Crush Saga, where players must match the colors of the bubbles in groups of three and more in order to make them pop. In doing so you will break the barriers that stop you from reaching your adorable baby pandas. The levels get harder as you go on, but don’t worry as you will gain new skills and rewards that give you extra-explosive bubble-popping power. The quicker you release the pups, the more points you will score. Develop your technique as the levels get faster, more intricate, and altogether more challenging. Work your way up the global leader board and compare scores with your friends, entering increasingly difficult levels with new nail-biting challenges.

As you progress through the game, you will enter different worlds with new bubble popping stages, each containing new scenery and new obstacles for you to overcome. Some stages will contain bubbles that can only be taken down if you possess a certain power-up. Journey through Windmill Port, a stage full of windmills that is set out in the ocean, or if you are a particularly ‘fungi’, travel to Mushroom Castle, a mysterious castle setting made out of mushrooms. Gain rewards that correspond to each level, like the hugely destructive Dragon Attack that uses 4 exploding Chinese lanterns.

Panda Pop has over 250 levels and is available on iOS, Android, and Facebook. With over 4 pandas in each level, mamma panda sure has been busy producing and then losing her precious babies. Maybe she needs better daycare?

Panda Pop Screenshots

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