Paladins: Gameplay Video has been Released!

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Paladins Gameplay and Developer Commentary

The folks over at Hi-Rez Studios has been working away at their free-to-play FPS called Paladins. A new gameplay video has been released showcasing the game with developer commentary.

The video, released on September 23rd, includes gameplay from a range of different characters, weapons, cards, and maps that we haven’t seen before. This is exciting news to those looking forward to getting involved in the game. You can check the video out below:

The cartoon-style game, which we managed to get our hands on at Gamescom, strives to let the player immerse themselves in the environment as they complete objectives with their team-mates. The Hi-Rez team wanted to make the game that pays homage to classic style shooter games, moving away from the twitchy gameplay that has been included in more recent first-person shooters such as Warface or Counter-Strike.

The Early Access to Paladins is available for sign-ups on their website for those that would like to get involved, and you can click the green button below to head over there and put your name down.

Source: Official Website

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