Paladins: Introduction to the Card System

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One of the major gameplay features that sets Paladins apart from other free-to-play team-based shooters is the card system. It is an essential part of Paladins and allows players to get a certain edge over their opponents in battle. It goes without saying that building the right deck is extremely important to succeed in a match. Luckily, there are pre-built decks for each champion that allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the system. If you still need a general introduction to the card system, we have listed its essential features below.

Collect Cards and Build Customized Decks

It comes as no surprise that you need to collect cards in order to build your own customized decks. You can obtain cards in Paladins in two major ways. You can either craft them or you can collect them in chests. In order to craft cards, you need to spend 50 Gold to get a Common Card or 250 Gold to get a Rare Card. You will receive chests by leveling up your account. Whenever you level up, you will unlock chests, which include cards. If you don’t want to wait to level up, you can also purchase new chests with Crystals.

A deck of cards in Paladins is also referred to as the Loadout. You can access decks by selecting the Loadout category in a respective champion’s menu. It consists of five different cards - not more nor less than that. Each card has four tiers that indicate its rarity. The lowest tier uses up one point while the highest tier requires four points. You have 12 points for each Loadout that have to be spent. This means that you have to decide which of your cards should be stronger and which should be weaker.

This wide range of options allows you to influence the way your champion plays according to your individual playstyle. Customizing your Loadouts will give you an edge over your opponents in every possible game mode when done correctly.

Source: Youtube/ Official game homepage

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