Paladins Preview: A Charming Objective-Based FPS

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Paladins Preview: Fast-Paced FPS in Closed Beta

We have been lucky enough to get ourselves a beta key for Paladins, the latest FPS game from Hi-Rez studios (Smite). There is quite a lot of hype surrounding the game at the moment, and we wanted to give you a taste of what the game is like to play.

For anyone who hasn’t seen or heard anything about the game, it is a fast-paced FPS with objective based gameplay. Once you have chosen from one of the unique characters, the battle begins and you have to capture points and break down the enemy base. Hi-Rez have added a card system to augment and improve the champion as the game goes on, so there are no two games that feel the same.

Memorable Characters

Fernando, The Self-Appointed Knight in the Champion Select Screen in Paladins

One of the things that stood out for me in Paladins is the class system. It’s not like other class-based shooters where the roles are clearly defined; there isn’t a warrior, medic or assassin. Each of the champions in Paladins has their own personality and character, which make the games all the more interesting. Fernando (seen above), for example, is a loud and pompous self-appointed knight and he dives into battle telling stories of his glory, whereas Pip is a small creature whose skills in alchemy are unparalleled.

A Legendary Card in Paladins

A Legendary Card in Paladins

Card System

Something that really makes the gameplay dynamic is the card system in the free FPS. Throughout the game you’ll be periodically given a choice between three cards, each of which have a different effect on the main skills. There are four types of card rarity, with more powerful effects on the more rare cards. The common cards have more basic changes, like health regeneration or attack speed, whereas the legendary cards carry much more powerful effects that can really turn the tide of battle.

Overall I think that it's worth keeping an eye on Paladins, as it’s a lot of fun, and has very fast matches. It is a great way to have a short and fast-paced gaming session, or group up with friends and spend an evening working together to beat the other team. The free-to-play game is currently in its closed beta, but is open for registration for anyone that wants to be in with a chance of picking up a key. Click the button below to head to the website and sign up for the beta.

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