Paladins: Open Beta Is Live

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There is an unspoken rule in the free-to-play gaming world: After the closed beta usually comes the open beta. The free-to-play MOBA-Shooter Paladins had been in its closed testing phase since November 2015. It was about time that the online game’s public testing began. Paladins has finally started its open beta which means that anyone interested in the multiplayer game can head over to the official game homepage (or Steam) and download the client for free. Players who decide to download the title on Valve’s online platform can unlock a special Team Fortress 2 Engineer skin for the character called Barik. All they have to do is participate in five matches with him.

Not only Steam users have reason to get excited however. In order to celebrate Paladins’ open beta, the developers released an expansive game update that brings a plethora of new heroes to the action game. No less than seventeen new characters have been added to Paladins with the patch! As if that wasn’t enough, the developers over at Hi-Rez also added a new map called “Enchanted Forest” as well as a more robust in-match item system and the ability to mix various parts of skins on each champion.

Eager players can look forward to the brand new competitive mode, which allows the community to compete against each other in an international ranking. Last but not least, the entire user interface has been overhauled. As you can see, it is a good time to join the Paladins community.

Paladins is not the only MOBA-Shooter that is coming out this year. Epic Games has a similar title in store with Paragon, and Motiga is working on Gigantic.

Source: Official game homepage

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