Paladins: Closed Beta Starts on November 17th

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Paladins Closed Beta Starts

We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the closed beta for Paladins ever since it was announced back in August. Since then we have had a few little bits of news, but Hi-Rez has been busy preparing for the closed beta.

For those not in the know, Paladins is the latest FPS game from the team behind Smite and Tribes: Ascend. It’s a strategy based shooter game, where players have to build the perfect team using different characters in the game. Each team of six will be pitted against the enemy in a fantasy universe, where there are multiple game-modes and maps to play.

Screenshot from Paladins

Hopeful players have been signing up for the closed beta for a few months now, and any players that have received an invite already will be able to jump in-game on the 17th of November and test their skills against other lucky beta-testers. It will be interesting to see how the skill card mechanic will play out, but we are sure that it will become very clear once the testers get their hands on the free-to-play shooter.

For those that don’t have an invite, click the button below and head over to the official Paladins website to sign up.

Source: Official Website

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