Paladins: Beta Key Giveaway!

12/15/2015 06:42 am by Benjamin Robson in GiveawaysDownload GamesOnline Games

Paladins Giveaway

It’s giveaway time! This time around we have a bunch of keys for the closed beta of Paladins! People have been patiently waiting to receive their keys, but we are here to help a few of you jump the queue.

Ever since Paladins was announced we have been keeping up with its development, and even writing a Preview of the game to give all of the eager fans a sneak peek at the content and gameplay. For those not in the know, Paladins is a colorful objective-based FPS from Hi-Rez, the guys behind SMITE. The gameplay is fast-paced and varied, due to the card system that they have included. As mentioned before, check out the preview here for more information, but for those that want to try the game and get involved in the FPS action, then claim your key below! To get a key just enter your email address, and remember to check your spam folder just in case the automatic email ends up there.

Unfortunately, there are no more keys available. Please try your luck again next time!

The keys are first-come, first-served so only the quickest of you will be able to grab a key. For those that are lucky enough to claim one, we’ll see you on the battlefield in Paladins!

Good luck, and have fun!

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