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What to expect:
  • Play for Free with your Friends Online
  • Fast-Paced first Person Gameplay
  • Build the Ultimate Team of Fighters
  • A Character to Suit Every Playstyle
  • From the Developers of Smite
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  • Hi-Rez Studios
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Paladins - Experience a Fun Free-to-Play Game

Experience Paladins: Champions of the Realm, and battle with your friends in this colorful, fast paced fantasy shooter!


The developers of the well known online multiplayer game Smite, Hi-Rez Studios present yet another free-to-play game. It is a fun, team based shooter, with fantasy and strategy elements. Gather a team of your friends and battle against 6 other players to achieve victory! Fans of Team Fortress 2 and Gigantic will be right at home with this online multiplayer game.

Unusual Gameplay!

The gameplay in Paladins: Champions of the Realm blends together a number of popular genres and elements from other popular free-to-play games. Not only does it have standard shooter elements such as multiple weapons and objectives, but it also includes a number of other ways to keep you entertained.

  • Customize your champion with skill cards! Build your own deck and unlock different skill cards that augments your champion in areas like defense, strength, and utility.
  • Progression based combat! You can level up your champions and specialize in different skill areas.
  • Personal mounts! Unlike most shooter games, Paladins gives each champion their own personal mount to ride into battle. This can be anything from a simple horse, to a futuristic mechanical hover bike, all depending on your choice of champion.
  • Objective based! Each team of 6 must battle over a number of different objectives that change during each match, so no game is ever the same.

Fun for every type of gamer!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual gamer, or a hardcore veteran, Paladins has something for everybody. The online game uses lots of projectile weapons, meaning you need to use skill and tactics to dodge the incoming attacks, while compensating for the enemies' movements in order to score a kill. The art style is bright and vibrant, with beautiful cartoon style graphics, reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, which draws you in and immerses you in this colorful fantasy world.

Get ready to take to the battlefield in this fun and exciting first person shooter from Hi-Rez.

Paladins Screenshots

Paladins Screenshot-0Paladins Screenshot-1Paladins Screenshot-2Paladins Screenshot-3Paladins Screenshot-4Paladins Screenshot-5Paladins Screenshot-6Paladins Screenshot-7Paladins Screenshot-8Paladins Screenshot-9

Paladins Previews

Paladins Videos

  • Paladins: Meet the Champions Video Released

    11/19/2015 11:08 am - The free-to-play FPS Paladins entered closed beta not too long ago, and Hi-Rez studios has published a video showing off the characters in the game along with some gameplay footage. The video introduces each character and is a great place to start...more

  • Paladins: Gameplay Video has been Released!

    09/24/2015 06:11 am - The folks over at Hi-Rez Studios has been working away at their free-to-play FPS called Paladins. A new gameplay video has been released showcasing the game with developer commentary...more

Paladins Tips & Tricks

  • Paladins: Introduction to the Card System

    09/27/2016 04:05 am - One of the major gameplay features that sets Paladins apart from other free-to-play MOBAs is the card system. It is an essential part of Paladins and allows players to get a certain edge in battle. It goes without saying that building the right deck...more

Paladins News

  • Paladins: Successful Launch of Open Beta

    09/28/2016 03:18 am - The guys and girls over at Hi-Rez Studios have reason to be excited. Last week, Paladins finally started its open beta phase, and according to the development studio, the launch was very successful. On the first day alone, more than 100,000 new playe...more

  • Paladins: Open Beta Is Live

    09/20/2016 06:50 am - After the closed beta usually comes the open beta. The free-to-play MOBA-Shooter Paladins had been in its closed testing phase since November 2015. It was about time that the online game’s public testing began. Paladins has finally started its open b...more

  • Paladins: Closed Beta Starts on November 17th

    11/16/2015 06:45 am - We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the closed beta for Paladins ever since it was announced back in August. Since then we have had a few little bits of news, but Hi-Rez has been busy preparing for the closed beta....more

Paladins Giveaways

  • Paladins: Beta Key Giveaway!

    12/15/2015 06:42 am - It’s giveaway time! This time around we have a bunch of keys for the closed beta of Paladins! People have been patiently waiting to receive their keys, but we are here to help a few of you jump the queue....more

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