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Pac-Man Description

Almost every person is familiar with this arcade video game! Now, you can play Pac-Man on your iPhone and iPad.


If there is one universal gaming mascot besides Super Mario, it has to be Pac-Man! Everyone is familiar with this yellow, hungry ball of fun. The arcade game is also one of the first highly successful video games having launched originally in 1980. 35 years later, players are still jumping into the fun game - but instead of doing so in an amusement arcade, they are doing it on their smartphones, wherever and whenever they feel like it. If you feel like playing the mother of all video games (and casual games, we might add) on your iPhones, iPads, or iPod Touch, you should download Pac-Man Lite on iTunes. We recommend getting this version of the mobile game, as it is entirely for free. Beware though that this is only an extensive demo version of Pac-Man proper, which you can also find in your app store.

What can you expect from a 35-year old game? Well, aside from the classic game mode which is still loads of fun and oozes retro-style gameplay, you can delve into new mazes, a new multiplayer game mode, and much more. The multiplayer mode allows you to battle it out against your friends and compete against other players in challenging tournaments. In case you are not really familiar with Pac-Man, here is the gameplay in a nutshell: You control Pac-Man as he eats pac-dots in a maze. Your goal is to eat each and every one of these pac-dots to reach the next level. Each stage has four enemies called Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde who freely roam the maze trying to catch you.

Since retro games have a tendency to get quite difficult, you can also make use of the newly added visual hints and pro-tips that weren’t part of the original game. Naturally, Pac-Man Lite isn’t limited to the arcade version that was released in 1980. A new user interface and look are available which transport the classic charm of Pac-Man into the 21st century.

In order to change things up, you will also be able to enjoy many new mazes and three different difficulty settings - just in case the original arcade game is too hard for you!

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