PAC-MAN Friends
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PAC-MAN Friends
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PAC-MAN Friends Description

Hailing from the 80s, the circular, cherry eating game character is once again fighting off those evil ghouls. Revive those childhood memories and embark on a 21st century PAC-MAN adventure.


The game that started it all is back! PAC-MAN has made its way to your mobiles and tablets. After touring almost every other avenue of computer devices, it is now available for iOS and Android. If you still have the familiar beep-beeping of the PAC-MAN ringing in your ears from its 80s release, then maybe it's time for an update. PAC-MAN Friends has reinvented the popular maze game, introducing new stages that pay tribute to the original gameplay. Elements of this mobile title stick to the maze format with its comical ghosts, whilst also incorporating some new features that bring this game into the 21st century.

If you enjoy games like The Bot Squad or Super Monkey Ball Bounce, then it's likely that you will enjoy PAC-MAN Friends, which has over 95 challenging puzzles and mazes. Your task is to rescue Pac's buddies by navigating through the stages, while solving puzzles and finding keys to unlock new pathways. Be warned though, Blinky, the leader of the ghost pack is on the lookout for you, and has recruited the help of his ghostly friends: Pinky, Inky and Clyde. The troublesome four will stop at nothing to catch you so you had better watch your back.

Use the tilt controls of your mobile device to navigate your characters, being careful not to bump into anything that might wake the lazier of the castle's residents who have fallen asleep in some of the stages. Find keys, unlock doors, and solve mysteries, all in an effort to save your friends from this evil, haunted building.

In addition to original gameplay, this release offers new features that will help your yellow, cherry-munching friend combat those annoying blinking ghouls. Give them a taste of their own medicine by consuming power pellets, which temporarily turn your character into a ghost-eating machine. Or use other power-ups like invisibility to help you through the increasingly difficult levels of this mobile game.

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