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Overkings Description

The Old World was torn asunder and now nothing is as it once was. New heroes are needed to fight back the hordes of monsters that were born in the cataclysm and restore peace to the land...


Overkings is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes you to a world full of danger and mystery as it has been destroyed in a great event. You must create a hero and venture across the lands, laying waste to the evil that has arisen out of this terrible event.

There are numerous quests for you to complete as you adventure through the world of Overkings. Quest givers will provide unique challenges for you to face that will take you to the ends of the earth. By completing quests and killing monsters, you will gain experience.

Gaining experience is very important in Overkings because it will raise your level and allow you to unlock new skills. You can learn new abilities and improve the skills of your character to create the most powerful hero. You will also find very useful items and equipment on your journeys.

Not only do the power and usefulness of your character’s skills increase, but so will your outfit and weapons. Overkings features hundreds of different pieces of armor and weapons that will allow you to take down your foes swiftly and efficiently. When running low on health, there are also numerous potions available to you that will quickly revive you and let you keep on fighting.

If you are ready to take on hordes of fearsome creatures in the land of Conkhobar and be the hero that is desperately needed in this dark time, then you are ready to join the fight in Overkings. Experience an expansive world full of quests and adventure while leveling a character and creating an incredibly powerful hero that will save the world.

by Kyle Hayth

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