Outcast Odyssey
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Outcast Odyssey
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Outcast Odyssey Description

Craft new and powerful monsters in this captivating card battler. Evolve powerful creatures and collect rare cards as you journey through an epic tail of fantasy and adventure. Other players will challenge you to duels, but show them that you can prevail!


Outcast Odyssey is unique card battle strategy game in which you explore dangerous lands with the hope of finding new exotic cards. Watch your collection come to life as you fight formidable foes, gaining rewards for your efforts. This free-to-play mobile app allows you to merge your cards to develop a unique deck which you can use to fight. Travel through puzzles and mazes to find hidden rare objects and even treasure!

Craft new cards by merging two redundant cards together in the hope of forging a rare, collectible card that has unique strengths and abilities. As you charter unknown territories you will stumble upon legendary items that will help you in your quest to becoming a leading card warrior. Combine your abilities and learn new skills in order to build the ultimate deck of heroes and minions. When you are strong enough, enter the arena and battle it out with other players online in Outcast Odyssey. The victor will receive new cards and rewards which can be traded. What is more, you can join guilds and embark on quests with other players, giving you the opportunity to take on tasks that would otherwise be too difficult for a lone player.

The cards in this free-to-play game represent skills, weapons, and heroes. The characters range from innocent (but far from it) looking fairies with powerful wands to steam-punk cowboys that fire magical golden guns. Develop a strategy and take down large opponents by using a sequence of deadly attack cards to aid your hero in battle.

This online mobile game has a highly detailed finish and ultra-immersive graphics that are suitable for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Delve into mesmerizing gameplay with cards that make use of paralex: a graphic effect which turns 2D objects into 3D by the use of a moving layered image. These effects make for stunning visuals and awe-inspiring heroes!

Outcast Odyssey Screenshots

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