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Otherland Description

Discover an immense and intricate game universe full of PvP combat, mini games, construction, guilds and much more, in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game!


The futuristic MMORPG Otherland is based on the virtual reality novels written by Tad Williams, and take players into a vast game world, full of action and features to explore. A core feature of the online game is character development. Once you have downloaded Otherland, you select your character class. As you venture throughout the game world, you gather experience, learn new skills, and collect items – improving the strength of your character, and your chances of defeating your opponents!

In the role-playing game Otherland you participate in large-scale battles in the medieval simulation known as 'Eight Squared', and can also uncover the mystery behind the thrilling 'Mars' simulation. Should you tire of endless battles in the futuristic game Otherland, you can network and socialize with other players in the in-game 'Lambda Mall', where you can play one of several mini games.

Another feature in the MMORPG is 'My Land' – a platform in which you can build your very own world. Your world in My Land acts as storage and a place to recuperate. Collect eDNA from various creatures, as well as other items and objects, and use them to create your own powerful inventions.

Discover – and uncover – the mystery behind this client-based role-playing game, as you participate in PvP and PvE combat, wind down with mini games, and expand and build up your own world. Strive to rule the exciting world of Otherland, as you take on fierce monsters and determined enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

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