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Origins Return
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Origins Return Description

The universe is a dark and expansive place – it is your job to create an empire and bring all of the galaxies within it under your iron-fisted rule..


Your main goal in the free-to-play, browser based strategy game, Origins Return, is to bring the universe under your control. You must build an empire from the ground up and use your might to conquer the universe and defeat your opponents. However, this is not easy as there are thousands of other players from around the world, each trying to claim total victory for themselves.

Your most vital tool in Origins Return is the Space Portal. This device is made from a large platform which creates a quantum field, allowing you to instantly travel between two points anywhere in the universe. You must utilize this portal in order to branch out your empire, whether that is conquering new planets, transferring resources between two colonies or just travelling. It will also give you the opportunity to engage in diplomatic actions such as negotiating with your enemies, working on commercial trading with allies or military pacts with another emperor.

Of course, building up your empire is very important but you must also think about your arsenal in Origins Return. Because you must constantly defend yourself from attack and conquer your enemies, you must have a good fleet. In Origins Return, you can customize your ships, from how much firepower, the hull shield and speed, by unlocking new components. You will also need to loot planets with cargo ships to ensure your main planet has enough resources to fuel your war machine.

The road to becoming the master of the universe is a long one, but if you manage to defeat your enemies, colonize new planets and create a powerful fleet, you may become the ruler of the strongest empire ever known in Origins Return.

by Kyle Hayth

Origins Return Screenshots

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