Operation Jarhead
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Operation Jarhead
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Operation Jarhead Description

Live the life of a soldier in this free-to-play browser game. Getting to the top is not going to be easy but once you are there, you will be recognized as the best of the best...


Operation Jarhead is an online browser game where your goal is to rise through the ranks as a soldier and get to the top. By training hard, earning money and getting promotions, you can achieve your goal and prove that you are better than everyone else.

To start your training, you should head down to the gym in Operation Jarhead. You can train one of three skills at a time – strength, speed and defense. The more you train each of these stats, the better your character will become in combat.

Complete missions to earn money and increase the worth of your character. You can participate in cooperative missions in Operation Jarhead or go solo in top-secret missions. The more high-priority the mission, the more dangers it becomes.

If you need to blow off some steam in Operation Jarhead, you can always go to the gambling tent. Here you will find various games to spend your money on and see how lucky you are that day. You could also choose to open a lucky box and see what’s inside; sometimes it can be a pretty nice item.

For a more social experience, you can always join or create a platoon in Operation Jarhead. Invite recruits or be recruited to join a group of other soldiers like you. Compete in platoon wars and prove that your group is the best in the game.

If you are ready to be put through the paces and be a soldier, the free-to-play browser game Operation Jarhead is where you should be. Train hard and climb the ranks to become the one in command and prove you have what it takes to be the best.

by Kyle Hayth

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