Operation Gamma 41: Get Your Exclusive Closed Beta Keys at!

06/03/2011 05:46 am in News

It’s Friday and there is some fantastic news to coincide with it: we have our hands on a whopping 250 Closed Beta Keys for the strategic browser game Operation Gamma 41, and we want to give them to you!
Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41

In cooperation with German games publisher Just A Game we are giving you the chance to be one of the first to try out the action packed browser game Operation Gamma 41.

In order to win one of the Closed Beta Keys simply send an email with the subject ‘Operation Gamma 41’ to

Your Closed Beta Key will then be sent to you from Monday on, and can be used right away! Don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the first Operation Gamma 41 players.

Operation Gamma 41 is a strategic MMOG, set in the heart of an intense war. When starting out in the free-to-play browser game you find yourself in a land severely destroyed by the grips of war. Your mission is to rebuild a city from scratch, creating a powerful headquarter from which you will lead your troops to war.

The game combines elements of strategy and combat, and requires tactical thinking. Players must construct various dwellings including an airbase, military academy and housing for your troops. Additionally, you must coordinate the expansion and military strikes of your troops. Time and resources are of the essence as you strive to overcome your enemies in the browser based game Operation Gamma 41.

Nb. Players can only access the game with one of these Closed Beta Keys!
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