Operation Gamma 41
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Operation Gamma 41
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Operation Gamma 41 Description

Choose a side and fight to the last for the Axis or Allies in this free-to-play browser game. You will be faced with many challenges on your way to victory...


Operation Gamma 41 takes you to a world torn by war and completely destroyed after endless, violent battles. You must first decide for which faction you will fight and fight for the glory of the Allies or the Axis forces.

You will be given control of an utterly destroyed city in Operation Gamma 41. You must build up the city once again and create a powerful headquarter from which to lead your troops. For example, the construction of the military academy, airbase and the city center is incredibly important. The destroyed houses of the city can also be rebuilt and transformed into useful buildings that will help fuel your war machine.

Once you have built up your city in Operation Gamma 41, you must begin the expansion of your forces. You must conquer nearby towns and cities to further your factions cause. This requires you to have amassed an army that can challenge even the most veteran of forces.

You can recruit numerous troops to fight for you in the browser-based game Operation Gamma 41. Each unit has its own specific function and, if deployed properly, can be devastating on the battlefield. Also, you will be in control of heroes who are very powerful and will lead your troops into battle.

You must remember that you are not alone in the world of Operation Gamma 41. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of other players all vying for control of the land and you must outsmart and overpower them to become the ultimate general in a world torn by war.

by Kyle Hayth

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