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Onlinetennis Description

This browser-based sports game transports you into the role of professional tennis player. Compete against players from all over the world in exciting real-time matches...


The browser game Onlinetennis lets you join an exciting online world of tennis, where as a player you compete in exciting matches, organize sponsorship, participate in regular training sessions and more. You start the sports game by choosing a name and a nationality for your tennis player. Proceeding this you enter the excitement of Onlinetennis, and can begin training immediately.

A list of your skills are displayed, and you must tactically decide which training types you would benefit most from, how often you will train, and at what times. These training types include hitting, jumping rope, coordination, special volley, tactical, cross country, special service, as well as working out in a fitness studio and going to the Tennis Academy. Once you have established a training regime, you are able to sign up for your first tournament, deciding in which season and week you want to compete in. Choose your opponents and decide just how much training you will need before you are ready to play.

A key feature of the browser game Onlinetennis is staff. There are a number of sought after professionals that will help you improve, available to bid on at the in-game market. These include a manager, coach, doctor, physiotherapist, scout, tactician, and teacher. There are numerous aspects of your career as a professional tennis player that you will need to manage in Onlinetennis, including obtaining high quality equipment and seeking out sponsorship from corporations. Through hard work, training, and dedication, you too can become an Onlinetennis champion. Strive for the top of the in-game rankings list and you may become the next online Roger Federer.

by Kyle Hayth

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