OFM - Online Football Manager
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OFM - Online Football Manager
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OFM - Online Football Manager Description

The world of competitive football is a tough one to survive in and the best managers are in demand. This browser-based, free-to-play game gives you the chance to be one of those managers!


In OnlineFootballManager, you assume the role of a world-class manager for a major football club. Everything that has to do with the club is in your hands from organizing your team and managing the stadium. The success or failure of your club lies squarely on your shoulders, so you will have to make all the right decisions.

Naturally, one of the more important roles you will have as a club manager is making sure your team is getting the job done. In OnlineFootballManager, you will have to do just that by developing your team through purchases and sponsoring up-and-coming players. This will ensure a future for your club and success.

Of course, your players are just players and not a team if you do not employ the proper tactics. In OnlineFootballManager, you will have to make sure your team works together and has chemistry by choosing the proper tactics and formations. As a manager, you will be able to determine how your team plays.

Being a manager in OnlineFootballManager means you not only have to take care of what is happening on the pitch, but with every aspect of your club. You will have the full experience of keeping track of your finances, comparing your revenue, your profits, expenses and more.

If you manage your team well in OnlineFootballManager, you will have the chance to win some great prizes as well. Various tournaments are always going on and by participating, you will have the chance to prove your prowess as the manager of a major world club.

by Kyle Hayth

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