Online Tennis Manager
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Online Tennis Manager
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Online Tennis Manager Description

Manage your tennis player’s every move to elevate their game and conquer the tennis world in this free-to-play, browser-based tennis simulation game. You are the manager and you call the shots!


In Online Tennis Manager you control every aspect of your tennis pro’s career. It is up to you to determine the intensity of your training, what equipment to use, who to hire as trainers, what tactics to use during a match and what tournaments to compete in.
Increase your skills by training on a regular basis and dividing the available 100 points of intensity among the different aspects of your workout. Invest more into your forehand and backhand to improve your hitting hardness and precision, or spend more energy on running training to increase your condition.
After you’re satisfied with your training program, it’s time to adjust your tactics so your pro plays exactly as you want in any situation. Adjust the amount of risk your pro plays with on first and second serves as well as how you prefer to return the opponents serves. Tennis isn’t only decided on the serve though, so you’ll also need to determine how your pro plays on the rally, setting up the preferred length of returns and how often you like to attack the net.
With your training and tactics set you’ll be ready to sign up for tournaments, which occur once every 3 days. Registration is open until 6 days before the start of any given tournament, so be sure to plan in advance what tournaments you want to play in to start earning money for your pro.
To make your training more effective and your tennis pro more threatening in tournaments you can use the money you earn to hire various trainers to more efficiently improve different parts of your game, while also upgrading your equipment for immediate improvements in your performance.
Make all the right calls and rise to the top of the Online Tennis Manager world rankings.

by Roman Wäger

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