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Onimusha Soul
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Onimusha Soul Description

Become a feudal ruler in Japan! In this free-to-play, browser-based RPG, you will have to take hold of your destiny and create a massive empire from just a small principality.


The popular series of Onimusha makes its return as a free-to-play browser game with Onimusha Soul. In this online RPG, you will step into the role of a Damiyo, a feudal nobleman, and must fight in the ongoing war. To be successful in such ventures, you will have to use your military skills and knowledge to educate your commanders, who are the ones responsible for keeping your lands safe from invaders. In addition to expanding your territories and bringing more riches to your kingdom, you will also make your rise to power.

In feudal Japan, the land is divided up into 47 different prefectures which are under the control various leaders. It is your goal to control all of these various prefectures, but just keep in mind, there are other players wishing to do the same and do not look kindly on your growing empire. You will have to discover what lies within you as you take part in countless battle to secure your position as one of the most powerful Damiyo in the land.

The famed Japanese game company Capcom has utilized the powerful Unity engine to supply the browser-based RPG, Onimusha Soul, with 3D graphics. This brings you even more into the deep story of the popular series. However, you do not have to know the history or story of the other series in order to dive head first into this one, as it tells its own story within the Onimusha universe.

In addition to being a browser-based online game, Onimusha Soul might also be available in a smartphone version, letting you experience the world of feudal Japan wherever you go.

by Kyle Hayth

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