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onGolf Description

Welcome to the international world of golf competition. Prove yourself to other players in this golf-simulation game and show them that you are the tournament champion...


onGolf is a 3D golf-simulation game in which it is your job to be the best and top the leaderboards against players from around the world. From casual golf fans to those who play every day of the week, everyone can enjoy this game.

The makers of onGolf have taken the standard, 3-click golf club swing system and turned it on it's head. Now you will use mouse gestures in combination to develop your swing that will get you the hole-in-one.

Keep track of your progress on the leaderboards and see how you stack up against your opponents. onGolf also allows you to track your progress and see how you compare to other players in your geographical area.

onGolf has expansive, 3-dimensional environments that really let you feel like you are playing a round of golf outdoors. Play a solo-round or challenge your friends or complete strangers to experience all of the courses and prove your golfing talent to others.

After each round you receive detailed feedback on the progress of your player. With that information you can better your performance and constantly improve your character in onGolf. This includes a detailed character creation and skill system.

Tee-off against your opponents and show them your the best, not just in your area, but around the world. OnGolf is an immersion into golf and intense competition to be the champion of the greens. Create your character, have a career and progress towards the ultimate goal: to be number 1 on the leaderboards.

by Kyle Hayth

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