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Ondarun 2
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Ondarun 2 Description

Formula 1 is an old hat. Today, you upgrade roadsters to try and win races in many different leagues. Your task in this game is to supervise the entire team...


In Ondarun 2 you are the key player on your team. You decide which auto parts the technicians put into your driver's car. If you win a race you get the credit. Of course, you are also responsible if your team loses. The management of the entire team rests on your shoulders.

The tasks in Ondarun 2 are abundant. In the second version of the classic strategy browser game Ondarun, you compete against managers from around Europe. One league season lasts 28 days. During this time your team takes a total of 24 races against 24 other racing teams. The goal is to win as many of these races as possible. Everything needs to be perfectly prepared: the car, the strategy and the driver. It is a tough contest.

At the beginning of the season you buy a vehicle and hire a young driver. To win the first race in Ondarun 2, it is necessary to upgrade the car and the driver as much as possible. Buy better equipment and train your driver so he learns to avoid accidents in spite of rapid speed and to bring the car to the finish line without fail. After all, repairs are very expensive and have ruined many racing teams in the past.

Every morning you have the opportunity to challenge other players in the web game Ondarun 2. In the evening, the official races take place. Several Cups extend over the entire season. This gives you the opportunity to put your management skills to the test.

Ondarun 2 is less a race simulation than a game for strategists. In the end, it takes more than just a good driver to win the World Championship. It takes a perfect team.

by Kyle Hayth

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