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Omerta Description

You can experience all the action and excitement of the mafia underworld in this free-to-play browser game, as you become lord of your own infamous mafia ring...


The role-playing browser game Omerta takes you into the depths of the mafia underworld, following the true stories of the legendary Don Barafranca in the 1930s. Your goal is to earn status, wealth and respect. Players can choose to found their gang either in the USA or in Italy. Each country represents unique opportunities and different criminal activities to engage in.

In the massively multiplayer online game Omerta you have the chance to participate in a host of risky crimes, either alone or with your gang members. These crimes include murder, theft, smuggling, laundering, raids and more. In the browser game Omerta you will often land yourself in prison. This will occur if you get caught whilst committing a crime, get arrested whilst stealing a car or if you fail to bust someone out of jail.

A key element of your criminal success will be the establishment and maintenance of allies and families. Your allies will provide you with extra financial support, as well as protection from other mobs. Families are equally as crucial, also providing protection, and often running entire neighborhoods. It is with these allegiances that you are able to participate in thrilling group crimes. These include the Route 66 Heist, an Organized Crime raid, a Mega OC raid, and a Kill.

In your Omerta city, you will find a variety of different establishments to assist you in the running of your mafia ring, including a bank and a market. At the market you are able to purchase planes, villas, transport, weaponry and armor. In the thrilling browser game Omerta you are able to earn money by successfully gambling at the casino, participating in car races or through theft. Sell your stolen cars at the in-game Obay auction house. Become a prominent figure of the mafia underworld and follow the footsteps of Don Barafranca.

by Kyle Hayth

Omerta Screenshots

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