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Omega Zodiac
What to expect:
  • Action Packed Fantasy World
  • Available for Free in Your Browser
  • Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Graphics
  • PvE and PvP Content
  • Browser Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Online Games
  • RPG
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Play Omega Zodiac for Free in Your Browser

The wise and just Goddess Athena has been attacked by evil forces and it is up to you to save her in Omega Zodiac!


Welcome to the fantastical world of Omega Zodiac where magic exists and evil forces are fought against. The magical world is ruled by the Goddess Athena who is the pinnacle for wisdom and justice. While powerful and strong, the goddess has been attacked by evil forces. The dark shadows have weakened her power! Though strong in her guidance of the world, the mighty goddess cannot fend off the evil Ragnarok alone. She needs you to lend her your powers and support.

Delve into the fantasy world by slipping into the role of one of three different types of warriors including a Knight or a Mage. Choosing your class will influence your playstyle in the roleplaying game. The Mage obviously relies on his or her magic to fend off all enemies allowing them to attack from afar. Knights use their powerful weapons to attack evil creatures from up close. Either way, you will be able to actively defeat enemies and support your divine leader.

Gorgeous Browser Based RPG

Omega Zodiac is a free-to-play roleplaying game that is available in the browser of your choice. You do not need to download a client to enjoy it, but simply register an account and immediately start playing. Don’t think however that this means that the online game is in any way simple. It features beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds that are picturesque. Omega Zodiac’s art-style gorgeously combines 2D and 3D artwork allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fantasy world. You control your character from an isometric perspective by clicking with your mouse where you want them to move. Thanks to an auto-attack feature, you don’t have to repeatedly click in order to attack your enemies.

Each character in Omega Zodiac features nine combo skills that they learn as they level up. These are effective against different types of enemies. Additionally, the browser game features fifteen different constellations. There are five for each character, and they all feature their very own set of skills.

If you get tired of battling it out on your own, you can make use of the many social features of the roleplaying game. Join a guild in order to participate in the epic guild battles that feature all kinds of precious rewards.

Omega Zodiac Screenshots

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