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Oloko Description

This browser based game provides an entertaining and colorful stomping ground for young children wanting to learn, play and have fun online in a safe environment.


Oloko is a magical world set on an island paradise. But there's a catch: the island is actually a giant turtle that came to the rescue of the citizens when their island home sank to the bottom of the sea. There are many adventures awaiting young players on this magical island, all of which are fun, educational and interactive! The browser based game Oloko is designed specifically for children between the ages six and twelve, and blends education and fun to create a challenging and fun environment.

Because of the unique landscape in the online game Oloko, the soil on the island is particularly magical and fertile. Players can try their hand at gardening, by planting a host of blooming plants and flowers, and even animals! Yes, that's right; animals grow in the ground on this quirky island.

Everything from Baby Bananas to the Magical Beehive can be grown on this special island. As well as gardening, there are several other activities children can enjoy including cooking Smelly Cheese Burgers at the in-game Fast Food Restaurant and learning all about the language of flowers with the help of Rose Green.

There are several cute animal NPCs (non player characters) that will help players as they embark on all sorts of adventures and quests, as well as act as mentors and teachers. The interactive, educational world of Oloko brings out the curiosity and creativity in children, whilst at the same time maintaining a fun vibe.

Oloko Screenshots

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