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Oh My Dollz
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Oh My Dollz Description

Create your individual glamour doll! Everything is about perfect styling, a nicely decorated apartment, fashion shows and the art of seduction. Of course, you have the chance to meet many new friends.


The online game Oh My Dollz is designed to meet the needs of young glamour girls. If you are interested in lifestyle and you long for a more glamorous life, the game offers at least an insight on a virtual level.

In Oh My Dollz everything revolves around a fancy home, your hip friends, and, of course, your lovers. The game offers you a place where you can freely express yourself - at least in a very superficial way. Consider the game a digital version of a Barbie doll! Naturally, the game doesn't represent everything about young women, but it is the Kardashian interpretation of life, which can be fun every once in a while. Also, don't be confused by the fact that the game falls under the "Games for Girls" category, as it is for anyone who has a sense for fashion!

The free online game Oh My Dollz starts with creating yourself. You determine your appearance and choose between many different variants. Hair color, hairstyle, eyes, outfit - decide for yourself how your friends and lovers will see you. In your first own apartment or house, you also have a free hand when it comes to design. Let your creativity run wild and decorate as much as you want. You acquire the necessary items with play money in the virtual boutique.

In Oh My Dollz you find a well-developed community area. You have the possibility to communicate with friends and to play together with them. Fashion shows and various prizes make your glamorous life even more exciting. As a fashion and decoration game, Oh My Dollz is quite something. The boutique offers a wide range of items you can use to embellish your doll or your apartment.

Basically, the key actions in Oh My Dollz repeat all the time. You style your doll, seduce men, decorate the house and visit fashion shows.

For real money, you can buy play money and then get to work even faster. That is not necessary to play the game, however.

Oh My Dollz Screenshots

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