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OGame Description

Expand your own space empire and become the lord of the whole universe! Build up a powerful fleet and colonize up to nine planets in different galaxies...


The space strategy game OGame has already been attracting thousands of players since 2002. After logging into one of the many universes, you start on an unexplored planet in outer space. Your goal is to become one of the most powerful intergalactic emperors. Build an armada, fight against other players, set treaties and trade relationships with others, and measure your progress in the highscores.

In the browser game there are three resources, namely metal, crystal and deuterium. In order to always have plenty of it, you best start with mine expansion. Take into consideration that the energy use increases with the level of mining. After only a short time, you're already in a position to conduct research and to build spaceships.

You can colonize up to eight more planets. Especially the small or inactive players are often targets of raids. Stronger players will probably try to steal your resources and destroy your defense systems. Therefore, always make sure not to leave too many resources on your planet when you log out. The game continues in real time.

Decide whether you prefer to play OGame as a "Fleeter" with a large fleet or as a "Miner" working to expand your peaceful planet. Of course you have the option to attack other players. But, calculate carefully whether your fleet can crack the defenses of your opponent.

Also, it is recommended that you join an alliance in OGame. With a little luck, your allies will be able to defend you in case of an attack. Also you can plan complex attacks against strong opponents together - opponents you couldn’t defeat on your own.

OGame is basically free. Those who want to have a few advantages of playing can buy Dark Matter, which makes the game playing easier. It is not necessary, however, to be able to compete in Ogame. The space game is available in the browser of your choice and simply requires a registration to be played.

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