Offensive Combat
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Offensive Combat
What to expect:
  • Experience Free Multiplayer Action
  • Select between dozens of weapons
  • Explore Numerous maps
  • Battle it out against other players
  • Experience an immersive 3D world
  • Browser Games
  • Shooter
  • Type
  • 3D
  • Platform
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Offensive Combat: Battle It Out against Friends for Free

Get into the action and live out your strangest fantasies in Offensive Combat. Prove your skills and earn some seriously weird outfits!


The title Offensive Combat is true to the combat that is featured in the browser-based shooter. The strange melon helmets and wacky weapons make sure that you will never have a shortage of colorful combat before your eyes.

In Offensive Combat, it is all about shooting the place up. You get to choose your weapons, outfit and your style then take to the streets and cause havoc. Face-off against thousands of other players online and prove that you are the best of them all. Of course, that is easier said than done and you will have to work hard if you want to claim that title.

The level of customization for your character is nearly limitless. You want to have some sexy leather chaps with futuristic armor and a lizard head? Be my guest. You can do just that. In fact, in this free-to-play title, the stranger your character is – the better. It is all about humiliating your enemies when you defeat them… even doing a victory dance over their body in your chicken suit.

The weapons are equally as diverse – ranging from wooden swords all the way to plasma rifles that melt the faces of your friends and enemies alike. Swap out your weapons, upgrade them, whatever – just make sure that you shoot before your opponents do.

What is Charlie Sheen’s favorite catchphrase? Winning. That’s right and that is just what you are going to do in this browser-based first-person shooter.

Offensive Combat Screenshots

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