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Odin Quest
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Odin Quest Description

Travel to a land of wondrous myth, forgotten by both time and history, to answer your heroic calling in Odin Quest, the online Action RPG based on Nordic mythologies.


Begin your quest by selecting your character’s class from the five mystical options. Are you a fearless behemoth of pure strength, who annihilates all that stands in your path with one mighty swing of your gargantuan blade? Then the warrior is the class for you. These brutes rely on little more than their natural strength and lust for battle to see them through even the most dire of situations, crushing anything that stands between them and their objective with a sword so massive no other mortal could dare attempt to wield it.

Perhaps you are no brute, but rather a clever master of the elements, a Mage, twisting the elements of earth wind, fire and air into powerful spells to clear your own path to conquest. You strike from a great distance with extreme force, turning very earth your enemy stands upon against him, leaving nowhere to run. But you must use this to your advantage, for as soon as an enemy manages to get near to you, your body itself is much more vulnerable than that of the warrior.
Standing even farther removed from the fray is the Priest, another wielder of magic whose belief in the gods guides their healing ways. Priests are unmatched in their ability to aid and support their allies, offering powerful buffs and healing spells to their comrades whenever they are in need. Like the mage your body is weak and you avoid direct engagement with the enemies, partially a result of your pacifist ways but also due to your desire to remain safe from any physical harm.

Like the mage you strike from a distance, but without foul tricks and sorcery. Your preferred method of punishment is the use of your trusted rifle, a marvel of technology that makes quite a bit of noise to terrify your enemies. You are a hunter, tracking down your foes and peppering them with bullets from a far, daring them to come closer to increase the already expert precision of your marksmanship.
You are the only rival to the hunters deadly precision, but you strike your opponents before they even know it, sneaking up on them in their own camp and eliminating every threat to your cause in their sleep or complacency. You are of course the assassin, wielding a dagger just long and sharp enough to kill your opponent with a single blow. You revel in swift strikes and rue the excess of open combat and open field battles, but you have prepared your defences should the rare occasion arise that stealth does not fully serve you.
There are many paths to glory in Odin Quest, it is up to you to choose which path is right and how to traverse it.

by Jonathan Smith

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