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Nox Mortis
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Nox Mortis Description

Take on the forces of evil as you're taken into a world full of darkness and destruction. Scour the dark streets in search of enemy players and brutal monsters, and seek the refugee shelters...


Nox Mortis, a Gamesforge online RPG browser game, takes you to a dark and dangerous Victorian world where the human race has been plunged into darkness in a doomsday scenario. Your mission is to clear the streets of the ferocious and spiteful monsters, as well as enemy players who have succumbed to evil. Travel through the dark world with the quest of protecting the refugees and survivors.

This action-packed MMORPG, Nox Mortis, gives you a choice of three classes of character, each with numerous skills. Equip your character with the finest clothing, supplies and weaponry as you prepare to battle the lurking evils and enemies. Weaponry and equipment can be skillfully crafted by stray items found on the streets of this lost world. As you progress in the web game Nox Mortis, you are able to improve and develop your character's strength, agility, endurance, courage and skill, to improve your ability to fight your enemies in spectacular animated arena tournaments.

Seek to eradicate the chaos of the world as you take on the forces of evil in Nox Mortis. Large hidden maps with which to navigate through the city are located in often dangerous or hard to find places – next to hordes of monsters or in a seeming maze of buildings. Finding and claiming the large area maps will give you significant advantages over other players. Wander the dark, empty streets, and roam the barricaded towns in search of new shelters to claim. Nox Mortis displays impressive flash graphics which are a key element in bringing you further into the depths of this terrifying world.

Join the quest in rescuing the survivors from the grips of evil and step up to fight the evil monsters responsible for this destruction.

by Kyle Hayth

Nox Mortis Screenshots

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